Geotechnical Investigation

AGC provides the entire spectrum of geotechnical engineering capability, from desk study through ground investigation design and supervision, factual reporting, geotechnical interpretation, foundation and stability analysis and design.

For a new site, we undertake a geological and structural review followed by a target drilling program to characterize the site’s geotechnical conditions. These programs include both geotechnical, structural and hydrogeological data collection activities.

For existing operations we supply the drilling program by mapping the existing excavations and back-analyzing the geotechnical parameters of existing excavations.

At AGC, our geotechnical drilling services provide you with representative samples, supplying the accurate subsurface profile so you can make the appropriate design and engineering decisions.

Phases start from scoping level studies, through pre-feasibility study to feasibility studies, including the following areas of study:

  • Underground Infrastructure design (tunnels, subways and underground facilities that are used in subways, underground highways, waterways and waste storage)
  • Foundations design (bridges, towers, buildings, roads, highways, railroads and other structures)
  • Pile foundation design; full scale static and dynamic load testing
  • Geotechnical/geological hazard and terrain analysis
  • Open pit and quarry design
  • Soil, rock and waste dump slope stability
  • Plant site and foundations investigations
  • Landslide and slope stability studies
  • Engineering for dams
  • Engineering for soft ground

Our geotechnical drilling services include:

  • Hollow stem auger
  • Cable percussion drilling
  • Air Rotary drilling
  • Conventional core drilling
  • Wireline/Diamond drilling (BQ, NQ, HQ & PQ coring and Triple tube coring)

Our In-situ tests include:

  • Standard penetration test (SPT)
  • Vane shear test (VST)
  • Borehole shear test (BST)
  • Dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP)
  • Pressuremeter test (PMT)
  • Dilatometer test (DMT)
  • Cone Penetration Test (CPT)
  • Pocket penetrometer test (PP)
  • Water pressure (Packer) test (WPT)
  • Plate loading test (PLT)
  • Undisturbed sampling (Shelby tube)
  • Cavity probing (Cross-hole seismic test)
  • Geophysical borehole logging

Field tests include:

  • Electric Resistivity test (ERT)
  • Thermal Conductivity test (TRT)
  • California bearing ratio test (CBR)

We also provide laboratory tests for soil and core samples in certified laboratories as well as chemical analysis for water samples.