Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Al Haytham General Contracting is a safely conscious mining contracting entity committed to maintaining the highest standards of HS&E in the industry in order to eliminate conditions and incidents that could result in personal injury, ill health or damage to the environment.

AGC believes that the health and safety of its employees is of prime importance to the success of its operations. The company is committed to conduct its operations in a safe and productive manner that will not hurt people or endanger their life.

AGC will comply with all appropriate laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety in all areas of its business activities. In line with this commitment, we will ensure compliance with proper work practices as determined by our safety management systems, which are integral to the company operational procedures.

AGC is committed to implementing well-designed, well-managed, and well-regulated exploration and mining operations to maintain a consistent balance between our environmental and economic responsibilities. By proactively monitoring and managing the potential environmental impacts of exploration and mining activities. those impacts can often be mitigated or eliminated throughout the entire operation, from exploration to production to eventual shut down and closure.

To ensure a very high standard of safety and health is maintained, AGC is committed to the following:

    • All equipment shall be maintained in a safe operating condition.
    • All workers and others shall be physically and mentally fit for work at all times.
    • All accidents / incidents and near misses shall be reported and investigated.
    • Provide information to employees on potential hazards in the workplace.
    • All employees shall follow nominated safe working procedures.
    • All employees shall wear required protective clothing.
    • All employees shall care for the safety and health of fellow employees.
    • The hierarchy of hazard control shall be applied to risk management at all times.
    • Smoking is not permitted in working environments unless otherwise designated.
    • Standard Work Procedures shall be developed, implemented and regularly reviewed.
    • Ongoing training shall be provided for all workers.
    • Be committed to minimizing its impact on the environment at all its working sites.